Building The Idea-Sentence

With ParaMind, you don't use random word jumbling to create outputs that can only "invoke" ideas. ParaMind works by replacing only one word in your "real world" sentence with a word that is the same part of speech and even the same subject matter. And you can then replace another word in the new sentences ParaMind creates for even more new ideas. You take out a noun to replace it with hundreds of new and related nouns, or you take out an adjective to replace it with hundreds of new and related adjectives. You can do searches of the database to locate related Word Categories to make your new ideas appear fast and still be related to your original idea.

The user of ParaMind can have long lists of sentences, cut from documents made by word processors, found on the Internet, or invented especially for the copy-merge process.

With ParaMind, you can select Word Categories that are configured to fit into your own sentences. You scan through the Word Categories to see which category best fits your sentence.

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