Category Types

The "Category Type" is the section which will determine which Word Category group ParaMind will brainstorm from. Most of the time user's just use the "All," as that has all the Word Categories in it. You can change what directory you want ParaMind to read by clicking on "Category Type" and then clicking on one of the boxes. This way you can store your own Word Categories in directories for the subjects that interest you. It is automatically set to "eAll" for your convenience.

Category Type is a feature that was probably used more in ParaMind's past since ParaMind has been on the market since 1992 when computers were slowly and there needed to be less Word Categories per directory.

ParaMind gives you six pre-named Word Category directories that you can use to store categories in. If you make your own custom Word Category directories and name them as such, then select "Other" on the bottom of the "Category Type" box, then "OK" and type in the Folder where ParaMind can find it. If you want to create many new Word Categories to create new ideas with, first make a Folder to put them in.

You really don't need your own Folders, because ParaMind gives you six. To create your own Folder in ParaMind, you create a new folder (or directory) in Windows.

Word Categories

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