Complex Large Merge

"Complex Large Merge" uses two words with five categories each, and runs in a different way that "Simple" does. "Complex Large Merge" makes a new sentence with each word in the first Word Category and substitutes that new sentence with each word in the second Word Category. The result is a lot of new ideas related to your idea!

Here we will use the key sentence: Red paint looks better

We will choose the first two words: "Red" and "Paint."

Each one of these words can be replaced with five Word Categories. Since in each "Word Category" there are up to 22 words, the output one receives can be dozens of pages long.

"Complex Large Merge" will give you a text that will be very large in the ParaMind editor. It's called Merge.txt. You should rename it at once so that you won't have new Large Merges replace the old one. It will be found in the ParaMind directory. You may have to wait a moment while ParaMind is building it, so don't be alarmed if you don't see anything for a few seconds.

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