Edit Categories

"Edit Categories" is the area in which you can add new "Word Categories," change or delete them, and manage them in any other way. When you click it on you will first see the "Dictionary Editor."

If you want to go into different Word Category lists, you will want to first click on the "Category Type" on the bottom center. That will pop up another "Category Type" screen that is specific to the "Dictionary Editor." The two are not related, so you may have to select the category that you are in all over again.

The word column on the right side is different from the word column on the "Category Editor." It will not show you the contents of the highlighted categories on the left hand side. It simply shows you in alphabetical order all the words in the categories that are in the directory you are in.

The "Add" button lets you add a new word category. All you have to do is type in words and select OK, and you have a new category. You will then press the build index button and let it build an index, or just select "Exit" and you will be prompted to build the index. You will have to build the index each time you work on the categories.

The "Delete" and "Edit" functions work when you highlight a Word Category with the mouse.

The "Delete" button will let you delete a category. There is no message that will come up asking if you are sure, so be serious if you press it.

The "Edit" button will let you go into a category and change it in any way you like. Since you must rebuild the index each time you change a category, you might want to do your work on the categories all at the same time, so that you only have to rebuild the index once.

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