Generate New Ideas Instantly

ParaMind offers you an instant way to generate new ideas. Other brainstorming programs require a steep learning curve, or are merely sophisticated flow charts. Some programs give you a list of questions that you have to answer, making you do all the work, or give you synonyms or common associations like a thesaurus. Many of the expensive brainstorming programs are simply combinations of all these ideas in one program. There is nothing wrong with these programs, except perhaps some of them are very expensive.

ParaMind offers you a quick way to intelligently brainstorm much like a person with a high IQ brainstorms. With ParaMind, you don't have to create your own Word Categories unless you want to. You simply type your sentence onto the ParaMind screen, and highlight a word, select a "Merge" function, and select a category that represents the area you want your idea expanded in. You can also select other brainstorming techniques included in the program. All these techniques are radically important ideas in creativity software.

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