A Program That Grows With You

ParaMind can be customized to fit your needs. Adding your own Word Categories, making your own directories with those categories all help to make a brainstorming program that boosts your creativity, productivity and organization.

You can get the most out of ParaMind by adding in the word categories that relate to your interests. You may even have databases that you can convert to the simple ParaMind format. (Contact us for a specification sheet with that information). ParaMind can be used in any field since it is totally configurable. One can put anything on the screen and one can add anything into the Word Category database. One can do medical research with ParaMind if there are medical research terminologies in the Word Category database. The Find Word to Substitute will find hidden relationships between Word Categories. One can put in words or phrases from individual chapters and indexes of textbooks, or any other rich sources of organized terms.

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