With Substitute Highlighted Word, you first highlight a word that you've typed or copied into the ParaMind screen from your Word Processor.

To use Substitute Highlighted Word, paste a sentence from your Word Processor into ParaMind or simply type a new sentence on the screen. Highlight a word in your sentence and select Substitute Highlited Word. A box will come up which shows you the words that ParaMind has which has your word in it. Select the word you like and ParaMind will substitute that word.

NOTE: In Windows, you can have more than one application running at a time. When you start ParaMind after you've started your word processor you can use both applications at once. The alt-tab control in Windows is a good key to learn when you do this. Simply put your thumb on the "alt" key and tap "tab." You will see a small dialog box in the middle of your screen which shows you the different applications that are you currently using. When you find the one you want, you simply let got of the "alt" keyand you will be in that application.

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