Replace By Category

"Replace by Category" is a toggle that allows you to search the database when you chose "Merge". It is a feature that is best used when you have built a large custom database. A toggle is another name for a switch; you can either click on it to put a "check mark" next to it, or click on it to take the "check mark" off. You will know if it is toggled on by a check next to it. If you want to merge but you haven't created a customized database, you will not want it to be toggled on. But many interesting new ideas can be had by selecting "All" in the "Category Type" and selecting "Replace by Category." An example of using it is to toggle it on, highlight a word, and then select "Merge" and see what "Word Categories" come up in the dialog box.

"Replace by Category" is a feature that will allow the "Merge" control to only select category databases that contain the words in your text. This is a good feature for those who want to only pick Word Categories relating to their sentences at that time.

The "Replace by Category" is what's known as a "toggle" in computer terms. A toggle is simply another word for a switch. It switches on here a search function much like the "Find Word to Substitute" feature.

Suppose you want to do a merge and you want to just merge lists that have the idea you've highlighted. You'd click on the "Replace by Category" toggle so that there is a check mark next to it. Now ParaMind will go into the Word Category lists to find out if there is a Word Category with your word list in it. This feature is good for those who work frequently with lists that they use over and over again.

Suppose someone is an interior designer, and they like to have different combinations of room items. By selecting "Replace by Category" ParaMind will find the Word Categories that contain whatever word they've highlighted. If they want to find combinations with antique sofas, ParaMind will bring up those "Word Categories," if they want Persian carpets, ParaMind will bring up those "Word Categories." Then they have already found a list of "Word Categories" to merge with, they don't have to scan the entire Word Category index.

It can also be useful for more scientific uses of the program. "Replace by Category" also works the same way if you want to use "Substitute Highlighted Word." Here it only brings up those Word Categories for you to look at to see if you want to substitute just one word.

You must have a word highlighted for "Replace by Category" to work when it is switched on, since it must look for a word. If you are getting the message "Word not in any category" you may want to "toggle" or switch it off, since this feature works best when one has more experience with ParaMind, and has customized ParaMind or upgraded the Word Category library to include more Word Categories. You toggle it off by simply clicking it again with the mouse.

This feature is also used when you want brainstorming to be a little more precise. Suppose you have several Word Categories that have similar words, and you want to get different ideas from different lists. You use this function to quickly select them and brainstorm between them.

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