Search And Replace

"Search and Replace" should also be used if there is a problem with a space missing between the new word from the merge and a word next to it in the sentence. Sometimes this will happen if a user highlights the space next to the word they want replaced. The way to add a space in each one of those marred sentences is to search for the word that is common to all those sentences and place a space next to the word as the "Replace with" feature.

Sometimes, when using ParaMind you will find that there is a word in your original sentence that is better in a different form. Instead of "mighty" use "might," instead of "testing" use "test", instead of "windmills" use "windmill." Sometimes this editing can be done with Search and Replace, in different modes of operations. Simple editing by hand sometimes is best however, as one may be able to change what they want in a human way..

When testing the features "Find Word To Substitute" or "Replace by Category" we found it hard to find different forms of the word. Words such as "wonder" "wonderful" and "wondered" are all related, so an early version of ParaMind found "wonder," but not "wondered" or found "form" but not "forms." The old ParaMind database might find one instance of your word, and not another. ParaMind now finds the largest percentage of a word. It will find all words similar to each other.

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