Simple Large Merge

"Simple" selects up to five words in your key sentence to merge with new Word Categories. Then each of these five words you select is merged with 2 choices of Word Categories.

This is how it looks in diagram form:

"Simple Large Merge"

Our key sentence is:

The gray sky looks fine in the sunshine.

We are given the sentence in horizontal layout, one word on top of the other, and we tag the words we desire to merge on by clicking them.

Here are some words in our sentence that will be good to expand on:

1 2 3 4 5
The gray sky looks fine in the sunshine.

We will use:
1 The 2 gray 3 sky 4 fine 5 sunshine

In "Simple Large Merge," each one of these words can be used to merge with two new Word Categories. ParaMind will prompt you for them. Make sure you are already in the Word Category directory such as "Biz," or "All," etc., that will have the Word Categories that you want to select from. You must use the "Add to List" button on the screen. If you don't like a word, highlight it in the box that contains your selections and click on "Remove."

One does not have to select the maximum number of words possible. "Simple Large Merge" is a good way to speed up your merges even if you want to only choose one word to merge with five "Word Categories." "Simple Large Merge" will not make the huge or more sophisticated ParaMind output files because it only uses one word change in your sentence at a time.

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