Substitute Highlighted Word

"Substitute Highlighted Word" allows you to browse through the databases and find a word that fits your idea. It is unlike a thesaurus as it doesn't limit you to look for words with similar meanings, but it displays to you words in related word chains as your own. You first have a word highlighted in your sentence, like the way you did when using "Merge." It is a condensed way of looking through the Word Categories.

When you find a word in the "Selected Category to Expand" column, you then click it on and the words in that category appear on the column on the right. You can pick one of those words, or click on another category on the left hand column (Select "Category to Expand") to see words in that category.

When you find one you like just highlight it and click on OK. You will then have that word replace the word you chose.

This feature lets you replace a word here and there, and lets you pick one word to replace your old word instead of having to look through a whole list. This makes ParaMind a tool like a thesaurus, but since ParaMind's database isn't built of synonyms, but related word chains, you don't have merely a better way to express what you want to express, but you find suggestions for expanding your idea.

We will select the word "powder blue" to explore the Substitute Highlighted Word category.

My boat's front should be (powder blue) but it should be designed vertically

Highlight "powder blue" like you did before by double clicking the mouse or dragging the mouse over it.

Now with "powder blue" highlighted pull down the "Create" menu and select Substitute Highlighted Word. Go through all the words that come up in the Word Category screen, clicking on them with the mouse each time. You will see words in all categories that you could put in the context of your word that you've highlighted.

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