Word Categories

In the "Word Category" database included with ParaMind there are nouns about many different subjects. Also there are many groups of verbs, adjectives, and adverbs as well as prepositions and conjunctions that you can use to merge into the sentence you typed.

Knowing about what's in your "Word Category" database is essential to getting the most out of ParaMind. And to know what's in it you must first know a little about how it is arranged.

One special note if you want to convert pre-existing databases to ParaMind Word Categories: you must know a little about the category structure. You are required to have your "Word Category" title be the same in Windows as it looks in the top of the "Edit Categories" screen.

You can edit the Word Categories by highlighting the Word Category and selecting "edit." Likewise, by highlighting a Word Category you can also choose to delete it. You will be asked to rebuild the category. Like other database programs that build indexes, it may take a few minutes on slower machines. Don't be alarmed, this is normal. You can go to other Windows applications while it is building.

You can customize the "Word Category" database by a simple, user-friendly interface that lets you title a category and type in your own list of words. You can do this as many times as you want, and organize them in their own directories.

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