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List Surfing - Social Advertising Network

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ParaMind Tested and Recommended Safelists -- The Best Free Safelists

NEW!: See our link here for New Economy from Nineteen New Educational Principles.

A message from the ParaMind Brainstorming Software company president, Robert Pearson:

It took me a long time to finally decide to use safelists. I was afraid of the promises of sending e-mail to numbers over 10,000 or so. Safelists are groups of busines-to-business, or really sometimes just person-to-person, mailing lists where you can send mail when you allow others to send to you. By a rough estimate, you can actually send to between 100,000 and 150,000 on the lists below. How many of these are redundant, that is, how many people are on several lists, is unknown.

Many safelists that I had to sort through at first sounded great, but I had to filter out links that no longer worked. Some gave you nothing for free even though they seemed to promise something. Some safelists also seemed to work at first, but couldn't seem to get your two e-mail address confirmations set-up and acknowledged as confirmed properly. Others worked for a while, then seemed to discontinue your account, for no reason than perhaps you didn't send them money, or they just stopped working properly and lost your details. So, included here are the largest safelists I've found so far that you can easily join and send messages for free, and which are working. And since some of the others listed in directories went down, chances are some on this list may go down also. Whenever you see a safelist or internet service not remember your account or suddently cut you off when you haven't done anything wrong, you can almost be sure it's a problem on their side, not yours.

To do any kind of serious free Internet marketing, you need at least two or three free e-mail acccounts. Currently, Yahoo and Google (gmail) offer a free several gigabyte account, and Hotmail offer a similar account but they do suspend your account if you don't log in for a month or more.

The interesting thing about some of these totally-free services is that if you put a link on a page and have people click on that link and then sign up, they will give your links and ads more exposure. Some of them do not provide these free additional services. They call this being an affiliate or referral. You can bookmark this page to use it as a login page as well. (You might have to go the URL bar and take off the far right part of the link to cut back to the domain name -- go back to where it says .com or .net and you may be able to log in from there).

Some sites have additional free resources like free articles, free web page submissions, FFA (Free for All pages), ebooks, other interesting offers, etc. They are like little "clubs" -- free for the joining and with different personalities. Some actually are very similar because they are created by the same companies.

If you don't know how to copy and paste, this kind of marketing will take a lot longer. Another important thing is to get a web browser that automatically remembers all your sites and passwords. Firefox does this. It also has a good pop-up stopper and allows you to work with multiple tabs in one browser.

This is a good page to bookmark (This is often done by pressing the Control key with the D key), if you want to continue to log in to them, as I may eventually have a log-in section. But if you sign up with many of these sites, you can log in by going to them from this site, sometimes needing to go back to just the domain link, such as: by taking off the part after .com/refferaladdress.html

Note: May 8th 2020: Added seven new ones today.

These are credit-based safelists that give you free additional affiliate privileges.

Credit-based safelists are the safelists that you can be most sure that you have a chance at getting your mail read. You don't have to pay, but if you don't pay or read the e-mail you won't be able to send mail after the first few mailings which most credit-based safelists allow for free.


Herculist -- Credit-based. Over 72,000 members.
Global Safelist -- A great list with over 14,000 members. Also has paid us for having referrals. Use the InAds for about 2500 free credits every few days, all in one place.
Adchiever Safelist -- Has become one of the best safelists. Sends emails with credit links. Also has paid us for having referrals.
European Safelist -- A list with over 6,300 members. Pays new people for bringing in new members.
Free Safelist Mailer Safelist -- Credit-based. Over 42,000 members. Easy to send for free by clicking on the "Free Dinosaur" daily credit link at website.
Mailsy Safelist -- Credit-based. -- One of the oldest safelists. Like other credit based websites, this one sends e-mails with free credits so you can send every day if you open them.
Classic Solo Mailer Safelist -- Credit-based.
Elite Traffic System Safelist -- Credit-based. Many features and generous sign-up bonus.
High IQ Mailer Safelist -- Credit-based.
Think and grow traffic -- Credit-based.

Leads, Leads, Leads!

SocialMessageConnect -- Another good new safelist.
Listbonus Safelist -- A nice modern interface
The Lead Magnet Safelist -- Heavy Web 2.0 Social Marketing Focus
Bweeble Safelist -- Credit-based.
Legends Mailer Safelist
Mail this Life Safelist
List Joe Safelist
Soldier Ads Safelist
Ultimate Adviews
Northern Mailer Safelist -- One of the best sites to use banners and other on site ads with free credit links also on site.
10X Mailer Safelist
Traffic Bonus Safelist
Adsolutions -- Credit-based. Close to 26,000 members. One of the best, let's you save over ten messages.
Hotlist mailer -- Credit-based.
Trend Mails Safelist -- 50 Credits free once a day each time you log on.
ViralNugget Safelist
Scifi Mailer Safelist
SafelistExtreme Safelist -- This one changed their affiliate links on users, but still can log in.
Boxes of Traffic Safelist
Virallinks Pro Safelist
Anytimemailer Safelist
Mountainhighmailer Safelist
Traffic Safelist
Big Mailer Safelist -- Credit-based, gives lots of free credits on sign-up.
Trlafever Mailer Safelist -- This one showed a forwarded weird Chinese page so be careful of this site and don't click on any weird links if they occur.

About ParaMind Brainstorming Software

ParaMind Brainstorming Software gives you an inexpensive and easy way to develop ideas like a person with a very high IQ develops ideas. ParaMind is a serious yet fun program that operates on the principle of generating new text from your text. It is totally customizable and can be used to logically expand any idea. It comes with a database of 500 related word chains, and you can add as many of your own as you like. You can paste in text from any Windows or Mac program into its editor to logically expand the text in infinite ways.

ParaMind is easy to use. Simply type or paste in your sentence and click on the Merge Wizard and follow a few easy steps. ParaMind was built on the new idea of brainstorming by getting every idea that can be expressed in language by "meaningfully exhausting the interactions of words" in any given subject area. Unlike other brainstorming programs, you can get instant results that are suited to your individual needs. ParaMind creates its results not by asking you endless questions about your subject matter, but instead by unique brainstorming techniques.

From Inc. Magazine "ParaMind Brainstorming Program. A great way to brainstorm ideas on almost any topic." From Ziff Davis (Publisher of the largest computer magazines): "Paramind Brainstorming Program: Just the thing for the sole proprietor, this program is an idea multiplier. You enter them and the program replaces words or fills in ideas to help you expand your horizons."

From Inc. Magazine "ParaMind Brainstorming Program. A great way to brainstorm ideas on almost any topic."

From Ziff Davis (Publisher of the largest computer magazines): "Paramind Brainstorming Program: Just the thing for the sole proprietor, this program is an idea multiplier. You enter them and the program replaces words or fills in ideas to help you expand your horizons."

"This is a MAJOR piece of software!" Mick D'Aquin-Burglass, MD, MPH, MDiv, ThD, MS, MEE, CAS, CMRO, FAAFP, FASAM Harvard Medical School

Visit us on the web by clicking on the links to your left or at bottom.

Cash for You Safelist. -- Has 44,000 people.
Traffic-Zoom Safelist -- Sends out many emails for chances to earn credits.
List Adventure Safelist
Active Safelist -- A Credit-based list. Not a very good list any more as it doesn't make it clear how to use it for free.
Mister Safelist -- Gives 50 free credits every time you log in, once per day.
Your ViralTraffic Safelist --

Profitable Email Marketing

Soon to be removed list or information about other lists

These safelists have gone to the naughty department. They do all kinds of bad things, like log you out after only showing you ads, are unable to log you in, or never let you get to the member section because they only show you ads.

Some of the below lists cancel your account if your mail bounces, which can sometimes happen when you use free e-mail accounts. Some of these accounts seem like they promise a lot, but that is only for paid accounts. The ones above this list at least give you chances to give them new e-mail accounts. It is very important to research safelists before you give them any money, because even some of the biggest ones go belly up, leaving you with nothing. These may be down forever or may just be experiencing temporary difficulties. However, the safelists above these have been working fine, sometimes for over 12 years.

Avalanche Safelist -- Only shows the sponsored ad, no real log in possible. Many safelists started this nonsense about 2 years ago.
-- Not working. Bigfootmailer Safelist -- Not working.
Smart Safelist -- Not working. -- Not working.
Ads4earners Safelist -- Not working. -- Not working.
-- Not working. Punch Card Mailer Safelist -- Not working.
-- Not working. Speedway Safelist -- Not working.
-- Not working. Super Safe Mailer Safelist Not working.
-- Not working. Marketing Biz Club Safelist -- Not working.
-- Not working. Simple Safelist Not working.
-- Not working. Free Safelist King Safelist Not working.
-- Not working. Happy Mailer Not working.
-- Not working. Bakery Mailer -- Not working.
-- Not working. My FreeSafelist Safelist -- Not working.
-- Not working. Ice Cream Mailer -- Not working properly.
-- Not working. Golden Op Safelist -- Not Working.
-- Not working. Rock Star Mailer Safelist Not working properly.
-- Not working. Red Stag Mailer Safelist Not working properly.
-- Not working. Puffin Mailer Safelist
-- Not working. Equus Safelist Not working properly.
-- Not working. Business World List Safelist -- Not working properly.
MailingatHome Safelist Not working properly on and off. I once had commissions that they did not pay me for but without asking gave me a Pro account. For no reason about two years later they put me down to the Free level
-- Not working. Effective Safelist -- Shows only ads, not the member area, even after the offer pages finish loading.
-- Not working. MidnightSun list is also a site not working properly.

Don't forget to bookmark us! (This is often done by pressing the Control key with the D key).

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